hc precision with NETCDF_CHECK_VAR

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hc precision with NETCDF_CHECK_VAR

#1 Post by yongjinxiao » Thu Jan 14, 2010 4:18 pm

Hello all,

I had a very strange error message while running biotoy in my own study location:

ETCDF_CHECK_VAR - inconsistent value of variable: hc 4.941826E+01 4.941826E+01
in file: /in/biotoy_ini_108_194.nc

This looks very much a precision issue, and as some previous post mentioned, NETCDF_CHECK_VAR seems too strict.

From what I read from the wiki and threads in this forum, the way ROMS calculate is hc=min(hmin,Tcline) according to
viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1389&p=5150&hilit= ... _VAR#p5150

My initial file was generated with MatLab 7.7, and the I wrote a matlab script to pull off data from a larger domain ROMS output netcdf files.
I had Tcline=50, both in ocean_bio_toy.in and in my initial file.
Bathymetry in initial file: h = 49.418258666992188 m
My MatLab script defined hc=min(h,Tcline), which in this case, equal to h.

I thought both ROMS and MatLab use double precision (DOUBLE_PRECISION is activated in cpp), and they should not have different prevision, should they? I'm using ROMS version 366 by the way.

Any comment or advice would be appreciated.


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