ad passive tracer!

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ad passive tracer!

#1 Post by thaitlhp » Fri Mar 29, 2019 8:15 am

Hi everyone!I am a self-taught student of ROMS!
I tried ad passive tracer in roms_upwelling test case:
1. I run
2. Ad double dye_west_(ocean_time, s_rho, eta_rho, xi_rho);
dye_west_:long_name = "dye concentration western boundary condition";
dye_west_:units = "kilogram meter-3";
dye_west_:time = "ocean_time" ;
dye_west_:grid = "grid" ;
dye_west_:coordinates = "x_rho y_rho s_rho ocean_time" ;
dye_west_:field = "dye_west_ , scalar , series";
-Set: ININAME ==
NPT = 1
LBC(idTbry(iwest,inert(i))) == Per Clo Clo Clo
ad_LBC(idTbry(iwest,inert(i))) == Per Clo Clo Clo
Hout(idTbry(iwest,inert(i))) == T
3.and #define ANA_PASSIVE
#define T_PASSIVE
#define ANA_PFLUX
#define ANA_BPFLUX
in roms_upwelling.h
but after run ROMS, i read by ncview i didn't see dye_west_ var
where was i wrong? Thanks for your interest!
( forgive for my English skill still bad)
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Re: ad passive tracer!

#2 Post by jcwarner » Fri Mar 29, 2019 12:32 pm

1. you have
! Logical switches (TRUE/FALSE) to activate tracers point Sources/Sinks
! (like river runoff) and to specify which tracer variables to consider:
! [1:NAT+NPT,Ngrids]. See glossary below for details.

LtracerSrc == F F F ! temperature, salinity, inert
maybe this needs to be F F T

2. also saw that you use E-W periodic. not sure how a west boundary tracer comes into a periodic domain.


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