Time sets in adjoint model

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Time sets in adjoint model

#1 Post by wuting0926 » Fri Dec 04, 2015 12:49 pm

Dear all,
I have 2 questions about adjoint model running.

Q1. I want to get the backward vars in 2008. So I run 2 years (2007-2008) forward simulation with the first year for spin-up. I only stored the forward station every 3 hours in 2008. Am I right to ignore the stations in 2007?

Q2. I try to run the adjoint model for my own application.But I always get the log file showing:current model time exceeds ending value. As I put the time, I give a very large time (say,1.0*10^10s) for the INI. file and ADS. file, and for the river source file ,I give it from 0 to 730 days. For the ocean.in file, I set :
DSTART = 0.0d0
TIDE_START = 0.0d0
TIME_REF = 20070101.0
DstrS == 0
DendS == 0
What's wrong with my time sets? Can someone help me? Any guidance will be appreciated.

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