Error to write the output of history parameter

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Error to write the output of history parameter

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Hi ROMS's Community,
I got the problem related to write the output of history parameter which is illustrated like that:

Code: Select all

 ** ROMS grid  1 sent data to SWAN grid  1
 == SWAN grid  1 recv data from ROMS grid  1
ROMStoSWAN Min/Max DEPTH   (m):        0.000000E+00  9.329987E+03
ROMStoSWAN Min/Max WLEV    (m):       -1.185423E+00  1.792694E+00
ROMStoSWAN Min/Max VELX    (ms-1):    -1.051749E+01  7.453914E+00
ROMStoSWAN Min/Max VELY    (ms-1):    -1.066175E+01  1.082273E+01
ROMStoSWAN Min/Max ZO      (m):        0.000000E+00  5.000000E-02
 Found Error: **   Line: 932      Source: ROMS/Utility/wrt_his.F

 WRT_HIS - error while writing variable: omega
           into history NetCDF file for time record: 2
 Found Error: 03   Line: 181      Source: ROMS/Nonlinear/output.F
 Found Error: 03   Line: 561      Source: ROMS/Nonlinear/main3d.F
 Found Error: 03   Line: 331      Source: ROMS/Drivers/nl_ocean.h, ROMS_run
Here is my ROMS's namelist:

Code: Select all

! Output history, average, diagnostic files parameters.

     LDEFOUT == T    T
        NHIS == 10800 
     NDEFHIS == 0 
        NQCK == 0
     NDEFQCK == 0
      NTSAVG == 1    1
        NAVG == 10800
     NDEFAVG == 0 
      NTSDIA == 1    
        NDIA == 10800
     NDEFDIA == 0 

Please help me to address this issue!
Anny suggestions will be appreciated.
Thank all,

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