Salinity boundary blow up

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Salinity boundary blow up

#1 Post by gresendiz » Wed May 20, 2020 2:13 am

Hello everybody!

I have a doubt, I have a NPZD_Powell version of the model and I'm trying run a Fennel version, so I change the boundary data, the forcing and grid are the same. I ran the first model in a past version of ROMS, now I'm working with the 3.9 version and I have a problem with the salinity boundary, when I activate the salinity boundary the model has blow up, without salinity boundary the model run. I checked the salinity data and are normal.

Normally, I define salinity in the .h file, In the 3.9 version I need activate the salinity in the .h file? Because I don't see this option in the upwelling.h file and I don't know if is a problem.

I don't which could be the problem, any idea?

Thank you! :D

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