ROMS 1D for Mac needed

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ROMS 1D for Mac needed

#1 Post by shubham »

Dear ROMS users,

I am a postdoc at EPFL, Switzerland.
I need a ROMS 1D version that runs on Mac Operating system.
Can someone please share it with me if you have.
Many thanks in advance.


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Re: ROMS 1D for Mac needed

#2 Post by kate »

The way to run in 1D is to set up a very small horizontal grid of say 3x3 or 4x4 with doubly periodic boundary conditions. The grid can be analytic and the boundary conditions don't need any inputs. Apply the same surface forcing to all points and you should be good to go. It should run on a Mac, no problem.

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Re: ROMS 1D for Mac needed

#3 Post by wilkin »

See the test case BIO_TOY.


This is a 4x4 doubly-periodic set-up which degenerates to a horizontally uniform solution.

Just #undef BIO_FENNEL to turn off the biology. should take care of compiling on MacOS if you configure it correctly.
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