matlab toolbox boundary/initial file

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matlab toolbox boundary/initial file

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Hello ROMS users

I have been using matlab toolbox for making surface forcing files for a while now. Recently I've decided to use the toolbox for making boundary as well as initial conditions files. Upon inspection, I've decided to modify d_mercator2roms.m for making initial file and d_obc_mercator.m for making boundary file. The problem I'm facing is that I can't find an example mercator dataset file online. I need the file to know the metadata structure so that it'll be easy for me to modify the scripts to use either ECCO2 or SODA. I know that CMEMS (Copernicus) data files have a different structure than Mercator data. So, here's my request to those of you who have the mercator data, please provide me with the .cdl file or a snapshot of the ncdump of a typical mercator ocean data-set or if possible, share a small mercator ocean data file. It'll be very helpful to me to adopt the matlab scripts for my use. If not, please at least provide me with the answers to following:

1) How do the longitudes in mercator dataset vary, from 0 to 360 or from -180 to 180?
2) How do the latitudes in mercator dataset vary, from -90 to 90 or 90 to -90?
3) How do the depths in mercator dataset vary, from surface to bottom or from bottom to surface?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: matlab toolbox boundary/initial file

#2 Post by sun_92 »

Could you please try with NCEP GODAS data? You could download it from

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