Abnormal temp and salt in surface because of rain and wind

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Abnormal temp and salt in surface because of rain and wind

#1 Post by remy » Wed Jan 16, 2019 6:48 am

When I try to use climatology monthly forcing and boundary, the result of temp and salt in open ocean look like very strange.The figure show first and second layer of temp and salt, grid is slightly larger than the figure, the maximum depth set to 2500m.

In surface(1.2m) there are distinct discontinuity, and temp is low than adjacent area.
In second layer(8.3m) temp are higher than surface.
Salt is similar to temp, surface is low and second layer is high.

This phenomenon does not happen in winter, and I checked the input files and test many cases, than I find there are 2 ways to remove the phenomon:
1. use realistic wind other than climatology monthly wind.
2. set rain=0
I also set boundary to Gra, used ncep wind and rain, but it's no useful.

data source:
atms realistic : ECMWF-interm created by d_ecmwf2roms.m
atms climatology monthly : ECMWF-interm monthly mean of daily mean and ncep
boundary : soda monthly

The reason seems that the vertical mixing caused by the wind is too weak and precipitation is too high.
So, anyone had meet this problem? How to solve it? :|
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