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PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 3:41 am 
Hi All,
I have roms coupled with swan blows up at the edge of land masking. But I am not sure was the land masking cause this blowing up, Can anyone give me clues to solve this problem. The setting for this idealized case is :
grid: 100*600 with 50 m as resolution.
Time: 2 s as one step
forcing: constant V=10m/s by ANA_WINDS
The lats information in the log file is:
 15742     0 08:44:44  6.728878E-04  7.704470E+01  7.704537E+01  1.996960E+09
            (72,418,4)  1.101258E-03  3.497115E-03  1.475979E+01  1.141224E+00
   15743     0 08:44:46  6.724167E-04  7.704471E+01  7.704538E+01  1.996960E+09
            (72,418,4)  1.058046E-03  3.455374E-03  2.131247E+01  1.134830E+00
   15744     0 08:44:48  6.727023E-04  7.704472E+01  7.704539E+01  1.996959E+09
            (72,418,4)  9.984038E-04  3.450809E-03  2.334097E+01  1.154328E+00
   15745     0 08:44:50  6.722832E-04  7.704473E+01  7.704540E+01  1.996959E+09
            (72,418,4)  9.336520E-04  3.423746E-03  1.825475E+01  1.152967E+00
   15746     0 08:44:52  6.721376E-04  7.704474E+01  7.704542E+01  1.996958E+09
            (72,418,5)  8.756595E-04  3.358673E-03  2.920161E+01  1.121689E+00
   15747     0 08:44:54  6.722495E-04  7.704125E+01  7.704192E+01  1.996958E+09
            (25,309,8)  1.458497E-02  6.720823E-04  2.075809E-01  1.114682E+00
 DIAG rho trouble    18613.744384652891                1

 Blowing-up: Saving latest model state into  RESTART file

The boundary condition and CPP is:
 Lateral Boundary Conditions: NLM

 Variable               Grid  West Edge    South Edge   East Edge    North Edge
 ---------              ----  ----------   ----------   ----------   ----------

 zeta                     1   Closed       Radiation    Closed       Closed

 ubar                     1   Closed       Radiation    Closed       Closed

 vbar                     1   Closed       Radiation    Closed       Closed

 u                        1   Closed       Radiation    Closed       Closed

 v                        1   Closed       Radiation    Closed       Closed

 temp                     1   Closed       Radiation    Closed       Closed

 salt                     1   Closed       Radiation    Closed       Closed

 mud_01                   1   Gradient     Gradient     Gradient     Closed

 tke                      1   Closed       Radiation    Closed       Closed

 ubar_stokes              1   Closed       Radiation    Closed       Closed

 vbar_stokes              1   Closed       Radiation    Closed       Closed

 u_stokes                 1   Closed       Radiation    Closed       Closed

 v_stokes                 1   Closed       Radiation    Closed       Closed

 Activated C-preprocessing Options:

 IDEALIZED_MOUNT_HOPEIdealized Mount Hope Case
 ANA_BPFLUX          Analytical bottom passive tracers fluxes.
 ANA_BSFLUX          Analytical kinematic bottom salinity flux.
 ANA_BTFLUX          Analytical kinematic bottom temperature flux.
 ANA_FSOBC           Analytical free-surface boundary conditions.
 ANA_INITIAL         Analytical initial conditions.
 ANA_M2OBC           Analytical 2D momentum boundary conditions.
 ANA_SEDIMENT        Analytical sediment initial conditions.
 ANA_SMFLUX          Analytical kinematic surface momentum flux.
 ANA_SPFLUX          Analytical surface passive tracer fluxes.
 ANA_SSFLUX          Analytical kinematic surface salinity flux.
 ANA_STFLUX          Analytical kinematic surface temperature flux.
 ASSUMED_SHAPE       Using assumed-shape arrays.
 AVERAGES            Writing out time-averaged nonlinear model fields.
 DIAGNOSTICS_UV      Computing and writing momentum diagnostic terms.
 DJ_GRADPS           Parabolic Splines density Jacobian (Shchepetkin, 2002).
 DOUBLE_PRECISION    Double precision arithmetic.
 GLS_MIXING          Generic Length-Scale turbulence closure.
 KANTHA_CLAYSON      Kantha and Clayson stability function formulation.
 MASKING             Land/Sea masking.
 MCT_LIB             Using Model Coupling Toolkit library.
 MIX_S_UV            Mixing of momentum along constant S-surfaces.
 MPI                 MPI distributed-memory configuration.
 WEC_VF              Vortex Force wave current interaction.
 WDISS_WAVEMOD       Wave energy dissipation acquired from coupled wave model.
 NONLINEAR           Nonlinear Model.
 !NONLIN_EOS         Linear Equation of State for seawater.
 N2S2_HORAVG         Horizontal smoothing of buoyancy and shear.
 POWER_LAW           Power-law shape time-averaging barotropic filter.
 PROFILE             Time profiling activated .
 K_GSCHEME           Third-order upstream advection of TKE fields.
 RI_SPLINES          Parabolic Spline Reconstruction for Richardson Number.
 !RST_SINGLE         Double precision fields in restart NetCDF file.
 SEDIMENT            Cohesive and noncohesive sediments.
 SED_MORPH           Allow bottom model elevation to evolve.
 SUSPLOAD            Activate suspended sediment transport.
 NONCOHESIVE_BED1    Activate non-cohesive (original) sediment bed.
 SOLVE3D             Solving 3D Primitive Equations.
 SPLINES_VDIFF       Parabolic Spline Reconstruction for Vertical Diffusion.
 SPLINES_VVISC       Parabolic Spline Reconstruction for Vertical Viscosity.
 SSW_BBL             Styles and Glenn Bottom Boundary Layer - modified.
 SSW_CALC_ZNOT       Internal computation of bottom roughness.
 STATIONS            Writing out station data.
 SWAN_COUPLING       SWAN model coupling.
 TS_MPDATA           Recursive flux corrected MPDATA 3D advection of tracers.
 UV_ADV              Advection of momentum.
 UV_U3HADVECTION     Third-order upstream horizontal advection of 3D momentum.
 UV_C4VADVECTION     Fourth-order centered vertical advection of momentum.
 UV_KIRBY            Compute uwave and vwave Kirby avg velocities.
 UV_VIS2             Harmonic mixing of momentum.
 VAR_RHO_2D          Variable density barotropic mode.
 WAVES_OCEAN         Two-way wave-ocean models coupling.

I also attached the figure of velocity at the eighth layer with red start where the last location (25, 309),the Figure of zeta and the whole out file.

idealized_mount_hope_out.txt [2.77 MiB]
Downloaded 28 times
domain_velocity.png [ 215.37 KiB | Viewed 420 times ]
zeta.png [ 47.38 KiB | Viewed 420 times ]
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