a small bug in ana_m3obc.h

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a small bug in ana_m3obc.h

#1 Post by xiaozhu557 »

I have tried to compile the code Version 3.7 svn 658 for tide only case with #defined ANA_M3OBC, but I have got an error as

the variable ieast iwest isouth inorth have not been defined.

So I think that we should add a line in ana_m3obc.h, as follow:

Code: Select all

      SUBROUTINE ana_m3obc_tile (ng, tile, model,                       &
     &                           LBi, UBi, LBj, UBj,                    &
     &                           IminS, ImaxS, JminS, JmaxS)
      USE mod_param
      USE mod_boundary
      USE mod_ncparam
      USE mod_scalars,only: ieast,iwest,isouth,inorth  !!zhuxm 2013-11-12
!  Imported variable declarations.
      integer, intent(in) :: ng, tile, model
      integer, intent(in) :: LBi, UBi, LBj, UBj
      integer, intent(in) :: IminS, ImaxS, JminS, JmaxS
Is it correct? Thanks.

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