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ROMS list

#1 Post by shchepet »

Hernan, and All,

I think the idea to abandon the ROMS e-mail list in favor of bulletin board is not a good one: the discussion actually died out.

I understand that this was done because of hacker attacks who sent viruses, but in reality we just yield to hackers. Frankly, these viruses affect only Windows computers, while others are immune. Most people on the list are UNIX people any way. Besides, the probability to catch a virus via e-mail from the ROMS list is no greater than for general spam (we had only two attacks before closing the list). A lot of attacks happened since then any way, and recently Bill Gates posted $500,000 reward to catch hackers. Basically he admits the embarrasing failure to create a robust safe operationg system. This is his problem however, not our's.

So what about reopening the e-mail list?


mailing list

#2 Post by dobbins »

I agree with Sasha.

I need to ask a question of the user community, but who will ever see it?

Can we have the mailing list back, please?

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#3 Post by arango »

Hi All,

There is misunderstanding about the ROMS majordomo list. The ROMS list is still open. Every posted e-mail is sent to us first for authorization. If the e-mail is not recognized as a virus, the e-mail is authorized and sent to the full list.

We receive about two virus at month. When we receive them our computers get hundreds of copies of the same virus, one per each user in the majordomo list. Every time that there is a new virus out there we get them too. I guess that we have a lot of users with infected or vulnerable computers.

This is a temporary remedy. Please continue using the majordomo ROMS list or the forum, what ever you prefer. If you post an e-mail to the majordomo ROMS list, we will check it out first and posted immediately during office hours or when we check our e-mail.

Our system administrators continue looking on how to solve this problem. We now have a firewall to protect our computers. However, we still get attacked with dozens of spam e-mails every day. I guess that every body receive those spam attacks everyday.

Best, Hernan

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