Problem with horizontal viscosity

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Problem with horizontal viscosity

#1 Post by cschultz » Fri May 06, 2011 3:33 pm

Hi everyone!

I am doing a simulation of the Brasil_malvinas Confluence, and I'm having some small problems (I guess that's an advance, already). The high temperatures from the Brasil current extends further south in my output then it is observed on my forcing files, and there are also some eddies that shouldn't be there,as I refined my grid to a better resolution ( currently using 1/8 degree). What first came to my mind was to change the horizontal viscosity, so I changed the VISC2 value in my .in from 100 to 25. The results I got were exactly the same as before, so I'm guessing should I do something else to change it? Should I change my cpp options? I'm sending my .h file, also.

I know it's a pretty basic question, but any help is gratly appreciated!

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