1 PhD position in a joint program University of Venice / CNR-ISMAR

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1 PhD position in a joint program University of Venice / CNR-ISMAR

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The Institute of Marine Sciences (ISMAR) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) with the Department of Sciences, Environment, Informatics and Statistics of the University of Venice – Ca’ Foscari are seeking candidates for a 3 years PhD position starting in October 2020. The PhD project will center on the study of the variability of mass and nutrients exchanges between the western and the eastern Mediterranean Sea studied with observations and numerical tools, for present conditions and in light of climate changes.
During the PhD period the successful candidate will have to analyze mooring and CTD data collected in the Sicily Channel between 2004 and 2017
A central part of the PhD will focus on:
• Systematic collection of all available data and setup of a database (tools: python, MATLAB, Ocean Data View);
• Reconstruction of time series of water mass transports across the channel (west-east and east-west, in the surface and intermediate layer, respectively);
• Reconstruction of time series or climatology of exchanges of dissolved inorganic nutrients between the eastern and the western Med;
• set up of dedicated hydrodynamical and biogeochemical numerical simulations for the Sicily Channel with the Regional Ocean Modelling System

The main goals of this PhD are
• characterization of the biogeochemical footprint of Mediterranean water masses crossing the channel;
• evaluation of the interannual variability of the biogeochemical properties and stoichiometric ratios in the Sicily Channel;
• quantification of the biogeochemical fluxes between the two Mediterranean subbasins and their implications for the different trophic regimes of both;
• indirect estimate of the intensity of the biological pump (carbon export from surface to deeper layers) in both basins;

The successful candidate will be based in Venice at the CNR-ISMAR facilities and will have to attend coursed at the University scientific campus and will receive a scholarship and supported for traveling expenses by a combination of ISMAR and University funds.

Application deadline 10/04/2020
Applications can be submitted at https://www.unive.it/pag/20846/

For more information contact the PhD advisers listed below:

• Dr. Katrin Schroeder (katrin.schroeder@ismar.cnr.it)
• Dr. Francesco Falcieri (francesco.falcieri@ismar.cnr.it)
• Dr. Jacopo Chiggiato (jacopo.chiggiato@ismar.cnr.it)

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