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Biogeochemical Modeller - Antarctic Science Platform - NIWA

#1 Post by robertson » Tue Oct 29, 2019 3:43 am

The New Zealand Antarctic Science Platform is now seeking applications for an exciting 3-year Research Fellowship in biogeochemical modelling. The purpose of the Antarctic Science Platform is to conduct excellent science to understand Antarctica's impact on the global earth system.

This new position is offered through the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) with the successful candidate hosted at Victoria University Wellington (VUW) for at least 60% of their time. You will become a key member of a new modelling hub that already includes research fellows in the fields of regional climate modelling, ice shelf cavity ocean modelling, and data science.

This position will focus on carbon cycle and biogeochemical modelling at the regional scale, with emphasis on specific species and processes relevant to high-latitude Southern Ocean ecosystems. This position will investigate changes to phytoplankton ecosystems and impacts on the marine carbon cycle under future warming scenarios, including feedbacks between changes in physical systems (ocean and atmospheric circulation, sea ice, meltwater, etc) and biogeochemical components.

Our ideal candidate will have:
  • Familiarity with biogeochemical modelling from plankton to the carbonate system
  • Familiarity with numerical and technical aspects of models from climate to regional scale in terms of both analysis and in setting up novel model runs
  • Familiarity with numerical tools and data formats (e.g. Matlab, IDL, python, NetCDF)
  • Ability to translate in-situ biogeochemical process understanding to model representations
  • Appreciation of potential for downscaling physics and biology under future climate scenarios
  • Appreciation of links between higher trophic levels and carbon budgets
  • A demonstrated ability/willingness to produce research papers
You will be co-located in a newly refurbished space adjacent to the VUW Antarctic Research Centre, where each fellow will be provided with their own high-performance multi-core workstation as well as easy access to institutional cluster and supercomputer resources, and also in the modelling group at NIWA Wellington.

For more information, please visit: ... 35254.html

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