2 PhD projects at UNSW, Sydney Australia

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2 PhD projects at UNSW, Sydney Australia

#1 Post by moninya » Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:41 am

Requires completion of 1st class Honours or Masters by Research in physical oceanography, coastal engineering, mathematics, or a similar quantitative marine science.

Please send expressions of interest to Moninya Roughan (mroughan@unsw.edu.au).

1. Changes to coastal connectivity in a hotspot of ocean warming Dr M. Roughan and Dr M. Coleman (NSW Fisheries)

The primary goal of this project is to use results from oceanographic modelling to elucidate implications of future changes to coastal connectivity for marine organisms. The project will involve the use of ROMS to hindcast the circulation in the East Australian Current and to undertake simple particle trajectory experiments to understand coastal connectivity. This position will also involve linking ecological and biological knowledge with oceanographic modelling providing scientific context to management and conservation strategies to allow early and informed adaptive responses to climate change in the ocean.

2. Physical Processes driving nutrient fluxes across a purpose built offshore artificial reef Dr M. Roughan and Prof I. Suthers (UNSW Biological sciences).

The primary goal of this project is to understand the physical processes that drive mixing and nutrient fluxes across a design-specific offshore artificial reef. The project will involve a combination of field work and theoretical studies to understand the dynamics and mixing in coastal waters in order to know if coastal currents supply sufficient nutrients for the local production of fish.


Domestic Students are expected to apply for an Australian Postgraduate Award (due by 19 October 2012 EST). International Students are expected to apply for an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (due 31st August 2012 EST) to begin work in Feb 2013. In addition a top-up scholarship will be provided for the successful candidates of up to $7,000 AUD per annum.

Further information on scholarships can be found at:

Domestic Students: http://research.unsw.edu.au/domestic-re ... holarships

International Students: http://research.unsw.edu.au/internation ... holarships

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