Numerical Modeling Programmer

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Numerical Modeling Programmer

#1 Post by arango » Fri Jan 22, 2010 4:01 pm

Numerical Modeling Programmer

Work Location: Silver Spring, MD
Job Code: 179
# of openings: 1

Position Description

Provide scientific programming support for numerical hydrodynamic model coding and scripting, and the development of coastal ocean circulation model-based systems, including: pre-processing (i.e., data preparation for models [initial conditions; boundary conditions; forcing]) and post-processing (graphics, visualization, encoding of output, web construction); modern databases; parallel computation; and network applications. Install and maintain applications software (e.g., MATLAB; NCL; etc.); share data with the world (OpenDAP; LAS; THREDDS; etc.); and development of web applications for product development.

Skills Required

4 years experience programming in FORTRAN, C, C++, PERL, UNIX/LINUX; experience with graphics programming languages such as OPENGL and NCL; experience with graphics applications such as MATLAB and IDL; experience in format conversions (NetCDF; GRIB; SHAPEFILE); knowledge of web access methods, ability to communicate effectively – orally and written.


BS or BA degree in Oceanography, Physics, Meteorology, related discipline, or equivalent. MS preferred.

To apply please go to following :arrow: link.

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