IAPSO Symposia, IUGG 2019, Montreal

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IAPSO Symposia, IUGG 2019, Montreal

#1 Post by hjsong » Sun Jan 27, 2019 10:35 pm

We would like to bring your attention to our symposium, “The Southern Ocean: Where Ocean, Ice and Atmosphere Meet”, at the forthcoming IUGG meeting, as part of a series of IAPSO symposia spanning July 9th to July 14th in Montreal, Canada. The symposium aims to highlight recent advances in understanding physical and biogeochemical processes in the Southern Ocean. The full session description is provided below.

Abstracts must be submitted by February 18th via the IUGG 2019 website:

We hope that you will all consider contributing abstracts to the symposium by February 18, 2019. We would be grateful if you would pass this email on to any colleagues and students who may be interested.

Best regards,

Hajoon Song, Isabelle Ansorge and Andrew Stewart
Symposium Conveners

Session description:
The Southern Ocean connects all three major ocean basins and is a critical link in the interplay between atmospheric, biospheric, cryospheric and oceanic processes. Compared to other ocean basins, changes in the Southern Ocean exert a disproportionate influence over the global climate system, and addressing their causes and influences requires a comprehensive approach across the various disciplines.

This symposium aims to highlight recent advances in our understanding of Southern Ocean processes across all disciplines, including, but not limited to:

- General circulation of the Southern Ocean, turbulence and mixing
- Air-sea interactions
- Interactions with the cryosphere (sea ice, ice shelves)
- Biogeochemical processes
- Recent and future changes in the state of the Southern Ocean
- Advances in modeling and observing the Southern Ocean

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