OSM 2018 - Deep Marginal Seas

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OSM 2018 - Deep Marginal Seas

#1 Post by jsouza » Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:10 pm

Dear colleagues;

Please consider submiting your work to our special session on the following Ocean Sicence Meeting, entitled:

Physical, Chemical and Ecological Environment of Deep Marginal Seas

The deadline for abstracts is September 6. Please find bellow a description of the session.

https://agu.confex.com/agu/os18/prelimi ... ssion28506

Oceanographic studies of marginal seas have typically focused on shallow basins or the upper water column. Deep marginal seas, semi-enclosed basins with depths below a permanent thermocline, have unique physical, chemical and ecological traits that set them apart from shallower counterparts. Some are particularly energetic environments, impacted by branches of western boundary currents or containing their own wind-driven gyres. Upper ocean currents and eddies can serve as mechanisms for transferring energy to the deep layer where topographic interactions can become important. The deep circulation plays an important role in connecting benthic communities and transporting chemical constituents, e.g., hydrocarbons from seeps and drilling activity, throughout the marginal sea basins. Within seas with shallow connecting passages to the open ocean, bioconnectivity is restricted and deepwater organisms may evolve to be distinct from their open ocean counterparts. A number of observational and modeling studies of the deep environment and transport in marginal seas have been conducted recently due to their strategic importance and increase in deepwater oil and gas exploration. This session provides an opportunity for the research community to share results of recent physical oceanographic, ecological, and biochemical studies of deep marginal seas, highlighting unique traits and similarities shared between these environments.

Kind regards

Joao Souza

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