AGU Ocean Sciences session on shelf-sea/open-ocean exchange

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AGU Ocean Sciences session on shelf-sea/open-ocean exchange

#1 Post by wilkin » Wed Jul 22, 2015 2:13 pm

At the upcoming AGU Ocean Sciences meeting in New Orleans (21-26 February, 2016) we are convening a session related to shelf-sea/open-ocean exchange processes (session ID #9241). We invite you to attend, and consider submitting an oral or poster presentation to the session.

Whether your favorite boundary current is the Gulf Stream, East Australia, Agulhas, wherever, we have no particular geographic focus. Model-based studies such as observing system design experiments, data-assimilative state estimates, analyses of boundary current dynamics, etc., are all welcome.

John Wilkin (session chair)
Bernadette Sloyan, Robert Todd and Chris Edwards (co-chairs)

Session Title: Connecting Coastal Seas and Deep Oceans: Processes, Observing Systems, and Modeling
Session ID: 9241

Session description: Shelf-sea/open-ocean exchange processes are key controllers of coastal ocean water properties, including heat, freshwater, nutrients, and pollutants, and are important to marine ecosystem functioning. Along many continental margins, circulation is affected by the proximity of energetic, deep-ocean boundary current systems. These boundary currents are of leading importance in basin-scale budgets, but the small-scale, high-frequency variability that results where coastal seas and boundary current regimes interact is challenging to observe and model. Evolving coastal observing systems and advances in data-assimilative modeling are improving our ability to provide well-resolved ocean circulation estimates.

This session invites presentations on processes that drive exchange across the continental shelf and slope in any geographical setting and across the spectrum of time scales encompassing extreme events to mesoscale, seasonal, and interannual variability.

Relevant topics include, but are not limited to: flow-bathymetry interaction; boundary and coastal current instabilities; the relative influence of local and large-scale remotely driven variability on coastal dynamics; impacts on regional air-sea interaction and teleconnections to atmosphere and ocean variability at large scales; and the design of observing systems that integrate coastal and deep observing technologies to span the continental margin. Observational, numerical, and theoretical results from all geographic regions are welcome.

Index Terms: 4219 Continental shelf and slope processes, 4260 Ocean data assimilation and reanalysis, 4262 Ocean observing systems and 4576 Western boundary currents

The abstract submission site is now open. Submission deadline is 23 September 2015, 11:59 P.M. EDT.

For more information please contact the session chairs:
John Wilkin, Rutgers University
Bernadette Sloyan, CSIRO
Robert Todd, WHOI
Chris Edwards, UC Santa Cruz
John Wilkin: DMCS Rutgers University
71 Dudley Rd, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8521, USA. ph: 609-630-0559

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