Workshop: Linking hydro and eco models in estuaries

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Workshop: Linking hydro and eco models in estuaries

#1 Post by nganju » Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:26 pm

Linking hydrodynamic and ecological models in estuaries: a workshop to discuss recent advances and approaches
September 10-11, 2013
U.S. Geological Survey Woods Hole Science Center
Woods Hole, MA

We are convening a workshop to discuss advances in understanding estuarine ecology through coupled hydrodynamic-ecological modeling. While substantial effort has been invested in developing models for establishing TMDLs, there are parallel efforts to develop models for research purposes: looking at connections between hydrodynamics, nutrient loading, ecological function, climate change, etc. with models of varying complexity and implementation.

We are inviting talks that attempt to account for both hydrodynamics and ecology in some fashion, and focus on the advances and shortcomings of the approach. We will group talks into themes, and then spend time after each session discussing the lessons with the speakers and their collaborators.

Some suggested themes:
- Balancing spatial and temporal resolution
- Adding and removing complexity
- Predicting ecosystem shifts under nutrient loading changes
- Predicting ecosystem shifts under climate change
- Determining observational needs to develop and test models
- Linking approaches
- Community model building

If you would like to present a talk, please send a brief paragraph to describing the work no later than August 19th.
If you would like to attend only, please RSVP by no later than August 26th.
Attendance will be capped at 50 people due to space constraints.
Workshop cost will be limited to cash donations for coffee service and group BBQ (~$30 total).
Workshop coordinators: Neil Ganju (USGS), Brenda Rashleigh (EPA), Mark Brush (VIMS)
See attached flyer for tentative agenda and travel details, and please forward as necessary!
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