2012 ROMS/TOMS Users Workshop, Rio de Janeiro - Final Notice

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2012 ROMS/TOMS Users Workshop, Rio de Janeiro - Final Notice

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2012 ROMS/TOMS User Workshop
Petrópolis Conference Room, Windsor Atlântica Hotel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 22 - 25, 2012

Please check the following link for the workshop agenda:


Notice that it includes lectures, oral talks, and poster sessions. The lectures are 40 minutes and the oral presentations are 30 minutes. This includes time for questions and answers. Lunch breaks on Monday and Wednesday will be 3 hours long to allow you to visit some of the wonderful tourist attractions in Rio. The lunch break on Tuesday is only 90 minutes because of the cruise reception. A PDF version of the program with maps to help you get to and from the workshop, tourist attractions and maps, the agenda, and all the talk and poster abstracts is available here:
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When you arrive at the workshop you will be provided with a paper copy of the program but we make the PDF available ahead of time to help you get to the workshop and visit some tourist attractions if you arrive in Rio before the workshop. Maps and tourist information can be found in the first 9 pages of the program.

There is no registration fee to this year’s workshop. We thank our generous sponsors (listed in the PDF version of the program) that have allowed us to host this workshop at no cost to you.

:!: NOTICE: :!: We need a final head count for the catering service (breaks), seating, and reception so please let us know if you are registered but will be unable to attend.

Although not obligatory, we encourage you to use PowerPoint or similar electronic presentation media. Please bring your presentation on a memory stick or CD. Each presentation will be loaded into a single Mac and Windows based laptop. We ask you to provide your talks during registration or during the breaks before your session. Please bring an electronic copy of your poster to the workshop so it can be included in our CD archive. We also plan to load these presentations and posters on the ROMS/TOMS website for future reference.

There is a lot of information on the main workshop page:


Special Session:

The agenda also includes a fourth day, special session on Thursday for modern observational and modern modeling systems. We invite all workshop attendees to take advantage of these special lectures by leading scientists in the field.

Cruise Reception:

There is a cruise reception on Tuesday so the lunch break is only 90 minutes so we can end early and get to the marina. The cruise reception is also free of charge. Transportation, via bus, between the workshop and marina will be provided. We suggest you bring appropriate attire for a day and night cruise. The average temperature this time of year in Rio is between 21°C (70°F) and 27°C (80°F). We will be leaving the Windsor Atlântica at 16:30 and arriving at Marina da Glória at 17:00.

From the marina the boat will take a tour around Guanabara Bay passing the Naval Academy, Fiscal Island, Rio/Niterói Bridge, Niterói, Icaraí, São Francisco, and returning to Marina da Glória around 21:30. Onboard we will have drinks (beer, caipirinhas, soda, juice) and finger foods. The food and drink will be simple, but it's about the ambience, the experience, and the fantastic views!

We will have 2 hours of daylight and a beautiful sunset. We can mingle, take pictures and have some (lots!) of caipirinhas. There will also be music. Once we arrive back at Marina da Glória, we will re-board the busses back to the Windsor Atlântica. If people are still hungry, there are plenty of options for dinner near the Windsor Atlântica. We also need a head count for the cruise reception for transportation and catering purpose. Please let us know if you do NOT wish to attend the reception.


Posters will be hung during lunch on Monday the 22nd. There is a poster session at the end of each of the first 3 days. We think the posters can be left overnight on Monday and Tuesday but will need to be removed at the end of Wednesday's poster session. Posters should be around size A0 (841mm x 1189mm or ~33" x ~47") or similar (36"x48"). Below is a photo of the poster holders available at the Windsor Atlântica (top and bottom supports are not included).
Please bring your poster ready to hang on the poster holders. However, if you are unable to do so we will have some top and bottom supports to attach your poster to. You can make your poster portrait of landscape but we recommend portrait.

Looking forward to seeing you in Rio,

Organizing Committee,

Dr. Hernan G. Arango, IMCS, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA
Prof. Andrew M. Moore, University California, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Prof. John L. Wilkin, IMCS, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

Dr. Carlos E. P. Teixeira, Universidade Federal do Ceará, Fortaleza, CE, Brasil
Dr. Maurício da Rocha Fragoso, ProOceano, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil
Dr. Douglas F. M. Gherardi, INPE, São José dos Campos, Brasil
Dr. Luciano Ponzi Pezzi, INPE, São José dos Campos, Brasil

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