2005 ROMS/TOMS Workshop T-shirt

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2005 ROMS/TOMS Workshop T-shirt

#1 Post by arango » Thu Sep 08, 2005 7:39 pm

We would like to order T-shirts for the 2005 ROMS/TOMS Workshop. For those attending the workshop, we will include its price in the registration fee which will expect to be small. We are still waiting for support for the workshop logistics.

If you are not attending or would like to purchase the T-shirt, please let us know by September 16. The cost will be between 16 and 20 U.S. Dollars. It depends on that quantity that we order. Please send an e-mail to arango@marine.rutgers.edu or robertson@marine.rutgers.edu with the quantity and size(s) you wish to order, if you are attending or just want to buy the T-shirt. We need to think more about overseas requests and delivery of the T-shirt.

The links below show the design for the T-shirt. As in previous workshop, the T-shirt is of high quality, pre-washed, and black. You will find the ROMS logo in the front. In the back, you will find a plot of a sea surface temperature singular vector (idealized double-gyre optimal perturbation), tangent linear and adjoint model equations. The text in back follows Da Vinci code (mirror writing).

Front image detail
Back image detail

You may need to save the "image detail" files (PDFs) to disk in order to view them.

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