Nearshore Processes Session at the 2010 AGU Fall Meeting

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Nearshore Processes Session at the 2010 AGU Fall Meeting

#1 Post by jlong » Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:44 pm

Please consider submitting an abstract to the Nearshore
Processes session (OS10) at the 2010 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting,
to be held in San Francisco, CA from December 13-17.

***Abstract Deadline is September 2, 2010 23:59pm EDT ***

Geomorphologically diverse nearshore regions are continuously evolving due to wind, waves, and varying water levels.
These processes are punctuated by storms and infrequent, yet devastating, tsunamis that quickly reshape coastal areas.
In this session we invite abstracts that focus on the dynamics of waves, tides, currents, turbulence, and sediment transport
from the beach face to the shelf break along sandy, muddy or mixed sedimentary coasts and inlets. Topics of particular
interest include: 1) sediment transport processes, 2) waves and wave-driven circulation, 3) coastal morphodynamics,
4) swash zone processes, 5) nearshore turbulence, and 6) hydrodynamics near natural or artificial submerged reefs.
Presentations concerning in situ and remote sensing observations, theory, modeling, and model-data assimilation
are encouraged.

Abstracts should be submitted beginning July 21, 2010 at:

** After submitting an abstract for this session through the web form, please send a copy to both conveners.
This will ensure your abstract has been forwarded to us for review without relying solely on the automated system**
Joe Long ( and Chris Chickadel (

We look forward to your abstracts and attendance at this years session.

Joe and Chris.

Convener Contact Information:

Joe Long, U.S. Geological Survey, St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center, 600 4th St. S., St. Petersburg, FL 33701.
Phone: 727-803-8747 x3024 ; email:

Chris Chickadel, Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington, 1013 NE 40th St. Box 355640, Seattle, WA 98105.
Phone: 206-221-7673; email:

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