EGU May 2-7, 2010 Vienna: Ocean Modeling Special Session

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EGU May 2-7, 2010 Vienna: Ocean Modeling Special Session

#1 Post by rsignell » Mon Nov 30, 2009 2:26 pm

After being conspicuously absent in 2009, ocean modelling is back on the agenda for EGU 2010 with its own session!

OS20 Ocean modelling: developments and applications
Convener: David Ham, Imperial College London
Co-Conveners: Anne Marie Treguier, IFREMER
Ekatarina Popova, National Oceanography Centre,Southampton
Rich Signell, USGS

This session will provide a forum for the presentation of the latest developments and applications of ocean modelling. Modelling the ocean is a complex and increasingly sophisticated science. New discretisations and parameterisations are in constant development and the application of existing and new techniques to scenarios at vastly different scales from coastal seas to the global ocean and from single processes to complex coupled systems provides a constant stream of new challenges.

Presentations are solicited covering the full range of ocean modelling including among others structured and unstructured meshes, different and novel treatments of vertical coordinates, parameterisation of mixing and other subgridscale processes, discretisations and stabilisation schemes. Contributions are also welcome on the subject of ocean model technology such as interfaces, interoperability and standardisation, new platforms and data formats. In addition to flow models, modelling of biogeochemical processes and the ocean carbon cycle lie within the session's scope.

Key deadlines
04 December 2009 - Submission deadline for young scientists applying for travel awards (young scientists are born after 1 January 1975 and have a PhD date no earlier than 1 January 2003).

18 January 2010 - Submission deadline for all other abstracts.

02-07 May 2010 - EGU 2010 in Vienna.

I look forward to receiving a flood of strong contributions to give the field of ocean modelling real impact at EGU next year.



Dr David Ham
Applied Modelling and Computation Group,
Department of Earth Science and Engineering,
Imperial College London,

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