Sediment Session at Ocean Sciences

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Sediment Session at Ocean Sciences

#1 Post by ckharris » Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:26 pm


The following Ocean Sciences Special Session invites abstract submissions, and is especially relevant to sediment modeling efforts:

GO04 Sediment processes I: transport and deposition in lakes, estuaries, coastal bays, and continental shelves

The physical characteristics of lakes, estuaries, coastal bays, and continental shelves - relatively small volumes of water, shallow depths, long coastlines, and high loadings from both external and internal sources – make them particularly susceptible to environmental degradation associated with growing human populations. Stratigraphically, they are interesting because their sediment record responds to both terrestrial and marine processes. The importance of sediment transport and deposition in these systems has become increasingly recognized since not only are many nutrients and pollutants transported by sediments, but turbidity also may limit light availability. Recent advances in theory, observations, and numerical models have increased understanding of the roles of sediment transport and depositional processes in these systems. This session will focus on physical aspects and associated environmental impacts of new sediment inputs, resuspension, transport and deposition in lakes, estuaries, coastal bays, and continental shelves, and invites contributions describing field observations, laboratory experiments, and modeling studies.

Conveners: Nathan Hawley, Larry Sanford, Courtney Harris

The deadline for abstract submission is October 15; see

Meeting dates / venue: February 22 - 26, Portland, Oregon
Courtney Harris
Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences ... ris_ck.php

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