2004 ROMS/TOMS Workshop in Venezia, Italia

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2004 ROMS/TOMS Workshop in Venezia, Italia

#1 Post by arango » Fri Dec 19, 2003 6:28 pm

Dear All,

As you may well know we organize biennial full terrain-following ocean modeling communities workshops. The third of such workshops was held in Seattle last August. Now, we want to have a ROMS/TOMS only workshop between years, if possible.

It has been suggested that we need to have one of these workshops in Europe because it will be easier for the growing community overseas to attend. If there is enough participants, we would like to have such a workshop in Venice, Italy. Sandro Carniel and Jacopo Chiggiato will help us to organize it at the Institute for Marine Sciences of the Italian Research Council. We think that the best time for this workshop is early in Autumn, after the tourist season and before academic classes start.

We would like to have both presentations and posters. Also, we will offer some training lectures for ROMS/TOMS adjoint usage and variational data assimilation. The meeting is for two or three days. We will continue working on the details.

If you are interested in attending this meeting, please sent me an e-mail. Please post any suggestions for this meeting in the forum. You need to login to the forum to post a reply. This a good time for those who have not logged into the forum to update your information and check posted messages.

If you have not login to the ROMS/TOMS web site in the last six months, please visit the site and check if your user-name and password still work and update your contact information. Please let us if you have problems when you login or updating your information.

Notice that we are slowly putting important information in the forum. Please check the forum to see if your questions have been already addressed.

Have a good holidays,

Hernan G. Arango
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#2 Post by jcwarner » Wed Dec 31, 2003 6:41 pm

A TOMS/ROMS only meeting sounds very exciting. No need to justify why you are using a particular model. We all have made that choice already.

In addition to "some training lectures for ROMS/TOMS adjoint usage and variational data assimilation" could we also provide some guidelines/general usage/help for selection on:

pressure gradient schemes
advection schemes
bulk fluxes
turbulence closure
boundary conditions
etc etc

Maybe some discussion on a user's manual ??

I have not been to the other workshops, so I can't comment on what happened there. But I would rather not sit and hear talk after talk about regional applications of the model. I would prefer to discuss the model itself, how it works, how it doesn't work, what is being done to improve it, etc.

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ROMS meeting lodging

#3 Post by hermann » Thu Aug 12, 2004 9:22 pm

I will be attending the workshop, and will have a bit of gear for a virtual reality demonstration. Can any well-traveled participant recommend a hotel which is especially close to the conference site? For example, is the Hotel Marconi within easy walking distance, when one has luggage? Thanks for any tips, and thanks to Hernan and company for setting up the web site (not to mention the workshop itself) with hotel listings.
-Al Hermann

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#4 Post by jacopo » Mon Aug 16, 2004 11:18 am

Dear Al,
Hotel Marconi is really close to the conference site: approx 3 mins walking.
In any case, hotels in the SAN POLO (or SANTA CROCE) area are recommended. SAN MARCO or CANNAREGIO locations may take a while to get to the conference (up to 15-30 mins with probably a few vaporetto stops).
If you (or anybody reading this post) need any info, feel free to contact me (I'm venician).

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