2008 ROMS/TOMS European Workshop, France - Final Notice

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2008 ROMS/TOMS European Workshop, France - Final Notice

#1 Post by arango » Fri Sep 19, 2008 10:16 pm

2008 ROMS/TOMS European Workshop
Saint Martin d'Heres Campus, Grenoble, France, October 6-8, 2008

Please check the following link for a PDF of the final program.

http://www.myroms.org/Workshops/ROMS200 ... m_2008.pdf

Notice that there are several maps to help you get to and from the workshop. We also included a map of tourist attractions near the city center that you may want to visit. Since there are no places to eat near the meeting, we will be providing a catered lunch. We need a final head count for the catering service so please let us know if you are registered but will be unable to attend.

The program will be printed Monday morning and FedEx'd to Grenoble in the afternoon so if any changes need to be made, please let us know before then.

Presentations will be 30 minutes each. This will include time for questions so plan accordingly, leaving around 3 minutes for questions and answers. A copy of the program will be provided during registration. We are requesting a 70 Euros registration fee to cover the catered lunch buffet for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and other organization expenses. The registration fee will be payable in cash. We are trying to make arrangements for paying by credit card as well. We will provide a receipt so you can get reimbursed. We are planning to have 2 hour lunch breaks to allow time for posters, socializing and small group discussions. There will also be a reception dinner at cafe Le No Name on Monday evening.

The posters will be hung from mesh panels that are 180 centimeters wide by 80 centimeters high so please plan accordingly. You can bring a poster larger than the panels and allow it to hang off the bottom. We will provide clips to hang your poster. Please also bring an electronic copy of your poster to the workshop so it can be included in our CD archive.

Although not obligatory, we encourage you to use PowerPoint or similar electronic presentation media. Please bring your presentation on a memory stick or CD. Each presentation will be loaded into a single windows based laptop. We ask you to provide your talks during registration or during the breaks before your session.

We would like to post these presentations and posters on the ROMS/TOMS website and prepare a CD for future reference.

For those going on the hike:

The hike is being organized by Jean-Marc Molines and others. If you have not signed up for the hike but would still like to attend you will need to find your own transportation since we are full. We will send information about the exact meeting location and time to those registered for the hike soon. Check the above program link for a map of the hike area.

The plan is to go to Lac Achard and Lacs Robert. It is a gentle loop starting from the Chamrousse ski-resort about 35 km from downtown Grenoble. At the time of the hike, the ski resort is closed. The hike starts at an altitude of 1850 m, going up to Lac Achard at 1950 m in 1 hour 30 minutes, then the path get steeper for about 1 aditional hour, to arrive to the highest point of the hike (2200 m). Approximately 45 minutes later we will arrive at Lacs Robert (there are 3 lakes). The last part of the hike, is the return to the ski-resort, going down to 1650 m.

The whole hike should take 4 to 4:30 hours. Of course, we will stop for picnic and rest so the entire trip should take about 6 hours from starting point to return. Therefore, we will meet in downtown Grenoble (location to be determined soon) about 9 or 9:15 AM. The hike always follows a foot path, but there are some stones on the way and good walking shoes are necessary. October, in the mountains, the temperature may be cool (says between 3°C and 12°C) with sun and no wind so the hikers may want to bring some warm clothes.

Although there are buses that go to Chamrousse, our local hosts will drive their own cars because the start and end of the hike are not the same place. With few drivers, we can leave one car at the arrival point for shuttle people back to the starting point.

Of course, the final schedule will depend on the weather. In case of bad weather (but not too bad) we can still go to Lac Achard and come back the same way.

Looking forward to seeing you in Grenoble,

Organizing Committee,

Bernard Barnier, LEGI-CNRS
Laurent Debreu, LJK, INRIA
John Wilkin, IMCS, Rutgers University
Hernan G. Arango, IMCS, Rutgers University

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