Setting up your own grid, bathymetry, and landmask

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Setting up your own grid, bathymetry, and landmask

#1 Post by loric » Tue Feb 26, 2008 4:32 am


As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm a new ROMS user, and I've been helped much by your replies to them. I've been able to compile successfully, and have been able to run some test cases. Using mexcdf and snctools, I've also begun learning to extract data and visualize it.

I'm at that point however when I'd really like to do my own run, and the first step is really the grid generation, land masking, and bathymetry. I'd could really use some pointers on them.

I'm modeling coastal sites in the Philippines, and assuming I have bathymetry data (given as lat, lon, depth), and maybe the shape of the coastline using a map or coastline extractor, what should I do next? And say for starters, I just want to use a regular rectangular grid. What would be the best tools to use? Do I go Seagrid, Gridgen, or would this be best set up analytically?

I would really appreciate any guidance on the matter.


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