discussion about ROMS north Pacific configuration

Discussion of how to use ROMS on different regional and basin scale applications.

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discussion about ROMS north Pacific configuration

#1 Post by stone » Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:43 am

Hi All,
Recently, I am considering to run a north Pacific case. I search the forum, to get a clue about how to set up the physical configuration, but find little. I am especially interested in Kuroshio (all along its path as well as Kuroshio extension) and Subtropical Counter Current (STCC) associated with Mode Water Subduction, basically the subtropical gyre features.
A 0.25 degree run would be a good start. I am looking forward to any suggestions on Open Boundary Condition (OBC) selection (Where is more physically appropriate,what kind of OBC), any tricks on viscosity and diffusion to get a better circulation especially Kuroshio, what mixing options is better for Mode Water Subduction and STCC, What atmospheric forcing is a better choice considering Kuroshio transport, KE eastward penetration, and Mode Water Subduction. I know when increasing grid resolution it will be another tale. As mentioned above, 0.25 degree will be my first test case, then be the eddy-resolving simulation or fine scale nesting.
Any one, who has good experience in modeling Pacific, would be expected and appreciated to give me some tips. Any thought can be discussed here, and are welcome. Thanks a lot.

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