Philippine Straits ROMS Animations

Sea Surface Height

This page contains continuous animations of Philippine Straits forecast without data assimilation. The animations start on Dec,28, 2007 and run to present. The plots show the 6-hour time averaged fields including the tidal signal. See bathymetry map for the location of the temperature, salinty and velocity cross-sections. The salinity is ploted with a version of the zebra palette to aid on the identification of different water types.

The atmospheric forcing is from NOGAPS 3-hours, 0.5 degree resolution. The lateral boundary forcing is from HyCOM 1/12 degree global run with NCODA. The tidal forcing is from the global OTPS model. Both the NOGAPS and HyCOM forcing are kindly provided by Harley Hurlburt and Joe Metzger (Naval Research Lab, Stennis Space Center, MS).

ROMS was initialized from HyCOM on March 2, 2007. It has been running continuously since then.

Temperature at 10m

Salinity at 10m

Temperature at 100m

Salinity at 100m

Temperature at 250m

Salinity at 250m

Temperature Section 1

Temperature Section 2

Temperature Section 3

Temperature Section 4

Temperature Section 5

Temperature Section 6

SalinitySection 1

Salinity Section 2

Salinity Section 3

Salinity Section 4

Salinity Section 5

Salinity Section 6

V-velocity Section 1

V-velocity Section 2

V-velocity Section 3

U-velocity Section 4

U-velocity Section 5

U-velocity Section 6